Assessor Competence

The Assessor Competence suite is a range of Nationally accredited qualifications that Marshall Assessment is licensed to deliver in recognition of high quality assessment and training in the workplace. Work based training and development is a vital for any organisation and the understanding of assessment is central to implementing effective training and development. The benefits of learning and development, measured through effective assessment are numerous. The most salient benefits are listed below:

Productivity and Compliance

Training is vital to ensure that employees are performing to the standards that govern your industry, and effective training and development usually means that productivity increases.


A robust training and development program ensures that employees have a consistent experience and background knowledge. This applies to policies a well as procedures and a joined-up approach ensures that employees are aware of company and end user expectations. The standardised approach will result in increased efficiencies and financial gain for any organisation that possess an effective and consistent assessment strategy.


Ongoing training and development often results in innovation and business improvement as many of our competence qualifications have business improvement elements to them which require work-based business improvement evidence.

Addressing Weakness

Organisations that have continual improvement strategies are the quickest to respond to change. Continual improvement is about identifying learners / employee’s areas for improvement and allowing leaners to strengthen those skills using SMART assessment strategies.


Anyone working in learning and development.

Anyone involved in assessment in a scientific environment.


External Quality Assured measure of competence for your assessment team

Internationally recognized qualifications Increased confidence of assessment individuals Audit compliant level of skills assurance


Blended learning, online portfolio, classroom based and work based assessments to suit your needs.

Assessors Awards, Internal and external quality assurance awards. Teaching Qualifications and Chartered Science Teacher status


Our Assessor competence qualifications range from 6 months to 24 months.

Assessor competence qualifications are all Nationally Accredited and typical delivery durations are 6 months for our awrds nad 24 months for the diploma.