End-Point Assessment


End Point Assessment key facts, and the importance of early engagement with your End Point Assessment Organisation

Apprenticeship standards are developed by groups of employers, known as ‘trailblazers’, to make sure they are occupation-focused. Each standard sets out key Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours (KSBs) that employers have identified they need.

These occupational standards are assessed at the end of the apprenticeship to evidence that your apprentice can demonstrate the KSB’s required to perform their job.

Although the training provider will be involved in arranging the End-Point Assessment (EPA), the assessment itself must be independent. The training provider must work with the End-Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) and have a written agreement in place in order for the apprentice to effectively move through their apprenticeship.

Only organisations on the register of end-point assessment organisations are eligible to conduct EPA. Marshall Assessment are on the register and our EPAO number is 265

Your apprentice will be assessed to demonstrate what they have learnt, and that they can perform all aspects of the occupation. Marshall Assessment make sure all apprentices following the same standard are assessed consistently.

Each standard includes an end-point assessment plan, which describes how the apprentice should be tested against appropriate criteria, using suitable methods. You must be familiar with this plan to assess your apprentice in line with the trailblazer standards.

It is important to get in touch with us early in the apprenticeship to check what the assessment involves and to ensure that you understand the requirements of the assessment plan. This will give your apprentice plenty of time to prepare - for example, they will need to gather evidence to show how they’ve been working towards the core knowledge, skills and behaviours for that particular standard, we can help you to understand this process so your assessment strategy is aligned with ours.

We have a lot to talk about...

When you get in touch with us we will talk with you about:

  • the content of  the assessment plan, your needs

  • any special requirements or needs your learners may have

  • how many apprentices need EPA and when they will require EPA

  • the platform that we will use to share information with you

  • mock resources we will give you to enable your apprentice to best prepare for their EPA.

Following this initial discussion, you will receive a contract from us. When we receive the signed contract (it’s an ESFA requirement to have a contract between the Training Provider and the EPAO) will we invoice you for 10% of the EPA fee, this fee is transferable, so if your apprentice withdraws you can transfer this fee to another apprentice.

The remaining 90% will be due 30 days after the EPA itself. This means that you can use your completion funds to cover 90% of your EPA costs. We know how difficult it can be keeping the cash flowing in your business, so we have developed a system that allows you to focus all of your profiled payments into providing a high quality learning experience for your apprentices!