Apprenticeship standards that Marshall Assessment currently End Point Assess

Gateway Process: this is a brief guide detailing the evidence required at each stage of the apprenticeship using our preferred Apprenticeship Management System: ACE 360.

Overview of the assessment day: this a summary how we will assess your apprentice when our assessor comes on site to perform the end point assessment.

Overview of the remote assessment day: this a summary how we will assess your apprentice when our assessor needs to perform assessment remotely as part of our covid-19 contingency plan.

Gateway 1 Declaration: This is the form that you submit to us when you have completed your first gateway. Your employer will need to sign this document.

Gateway 2 Declaration: This is the form that you submit when you are at your second gateway. Your employer and your apprentice will need to sign this document.

SAT evidence collection document: this is the document that we use to collect information when our assessors perform their observation on your apprentice.

Vocational Competence Discussion provider resource: This is some information and sample questions around the professional discussion that is conducted between your apprentice and a Marshall assessor.

Mock Case Study example: In order to best prepare your learners for end point assessment, we provide you with mock resources for your apprentices to practice on during gateway. This is the third and final element of our EPA of your laboratory technicians. It is a controlled conditions assessment.

Grading Matrix:  This is an overview of how we grade your apprentices under the current assessment plan developed by the trailblazer group.

Carrying out technical and scientific activity in laboratories.

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