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Marshall Assessment has a large assessment team with a broad range of occupational competence. We make sure that we match the apprentices work environment to our assessor competencies.

Marshall assessment is one of a small number of scientific awarding End-Point assessment Organisations in the country and our centre numbers are growing rapidly. Marshall Assessment has been approved to deliver end point assessments in the science sector since 2019 and since then our customer base has grown rapidly – we think this is due to three factors:

  1. Excellent customer service: Our approach at Marshall Assessment is centred around the apprentice and the training provider. To support you both with our knowledge, communication, and consistency. We understand the time and effort that goes into successfully completing all the elements of on-programme learning. Getting a learner to gateway is stressful and a lack of engagement from the EPAO can lead to frustrations that are totally unnecessary. We are an organisation that works with you from the very beginning of the apprenticeship, supports your learners with resources and knowledge that ultimately puts you and your apprentice in the best possible position to showcase their occupational competence and to excel in their EPA.

  2. We look after your levy funding for you: We know how difficult it can be keeping the cash flowing in any business, so we have developed a system that allows the training provider to focus all of their profiled payments into providing a high quality learning experience for their apprentices. We invoice 100% of our fee on the day of end point assessment, this is then due in 30 days. This protects all of the ESFA monthly profiled payments and allows the training provider to use part of their completion payment to cover EPA costs. We are also the most cost effective EPAO for the scientific standards with our EPA price being 10% or less of the maximum funding band for the 8 scientific standards that we are approved to EPA. 

  3. Flexible End Point assessment solutions: Marshall Assessment has worked hard with our External Quality Assurers and the IFATE to produce a remote assessment option for those employer sites where external access is limited due to COVID -19. A Marshall assessor is now able to assess and quality assure all the EPA elements remotely. This means that your hardworking apprentices will not be disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and can still complete their apprenticeships without face-to-face contact with our assessors. The assessment rigor applied, and assessment decisions made are no different to those apprentices who will have an assessor onsite.

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