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Mining Untapped Potential Through Apprenticeships

College and school leavers historically have taken the University route to gain employment in the science sector. However, it is a little known fact that there are some outstanding technical apprenticeships available in laboratory science, scientific manufacturing, clinical trials and scientific research.


Scientific apprenticeships offer the knowledge, skills and experience required to work in the UK's flourishing science sector, whether that's vaccine development, working in the nuclear industry, green technology development, healthcare, aerospace, academic research, food testing... the list goes on.


Scientific organisations who want to plan for their future success must tap into this new "non university" demographic because an impressive amount of potential talent exists there. A fresh perspective can take organisations to the next level of innovation. There is validated data around the success and benefits of apprenticeships and to summarise this data tells us that:

  • Apprenticeships provide skilled workers for the future

  • Apprenticeships increase staff loyalty and retention

  • Apprenticeships increase a company's bottom line

  • Apprenticeships free up existing staff time

  • Apprentices can revitalise a company

We just need the science sector to realise the true value of work-based learning and to understand that not every vacancy should be a job description for a graduate.

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