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Our Policies

Reasonable Adjustments: Access Arrangements & Special Consideration Policy

This policy is aimed at Training Providers, Employers, External Assurers and the assessment team. It is also for use by our staff to ensure they deal with all reasonable adjustment and special consideration requests in a consistent manner.

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Application for Reasonable Adjustments / Access Arrangements form

This form must be used to collate the evidence and must be kept on file by the Training Provider by the SENCo for inspection purposes. The SENCo, or the access arrangements assessor working within the Training Provider must complete this form.

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Malpractice and Maladministration Policy

This policy is aimed at all staff and apprentices who are delivering assessments or being assessed as part of end point assessments for Standards, and who are involved in suspected or actual malpractice and / or maladministration. This policy is to be used by all staff across the organisation to ensure they deal with all malpractice and maladministration investigations in a consistent manner.

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Application for Special Considerations

Special Consideration is a post examination adjustment to a candidate’s mark or grade to reflect temporary injury, illness or other indisposition at the time of the examination/assessment. Please state on the form the precise nature of the adverse circumstances affecting the candidate, including in the appropriate boxes, the date when the circumstances first began to affect the candidate and whether this will continue during the EPA.

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EPA Complaints Policy

This policy covers complaints about the provision and administration of the End Point Assessment (EPA) and any EPA resits.

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Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose of this policy is to allow our apprentices, employers, training providers, EPA team members and other organisations to feel comfortable and secure in raising relevant disclosures, made in good faith and reasonably believed to be true, without fear of victimisation or other adverse repercussions. In particular, relevant disclosures are likely to be those which may be in conict with our commitments as outlined above.

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Appeals Policy (End Point Assessment) Application Form

Please ensure you have read the MA EPA complaints and Appeals Policy before submitting this form.

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Data Protection Policy

The aim of this policy is to describe how the Company will fulfill its obligations, in compliance with applicable data protection law, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

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MA Equality and Diversity Policy

Adverse Effects Policy

This document explains Marshall Assessment’s approach to defining

adverse effects and the Initial processes for reporting. It is provided for

all MA staff members, particularly those involved in undertaking and reviewing

quality assurance activities where adverse effects are likely to occur.

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MA Whistleblowing Policy

Guidance for Supporting Exam Conditions Assessment

Mitigating Circumstances Application Form

EPA Cancellation Resit & Retake Policy

Marshall Assessments Fair Access Policy

Flexibility Framework Data Sheet

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Invoicing & Payment Policy

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