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Welcome to EPA Focus: Your Essential Monthly Resource for Apprenticeship Success

Welcome to EPA Focus, your go-to destination for comprehensive support in running successful apprenticeship End-Point Assessments. Whether you are an employer, training provider, or apprenticeship coordinator, EPA Focus delivers invaluable resources to streamline your End-Point Assessment (EPA) process and ensure your apprentices achieve their full potential.

What is EPA Focus?

Monthly Resource Drops: Stay ahead with our meticulously curated monthly updates, packed with insight and best practices in the apprenticeship sector. Each resource drop is designed to enhance your understanding and management of the EPA process.

Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of industry professionals who understand the intricacies of apprenticeship programs and the challenges you face. Our resources are crafted to provide practical solutions and actionable advice.

Download Your Free Copy of the EPA Focus from Marshall Assessment  

Access and download the monthly editions of our EPA Focus for free right here. Stay updated with Marshall Assessment's latest insights and resources designed to support your apprenticeship programs.

May: General EPA Focus 

June: Integration EPA Focus

Comprehensive Support: From initial setup to final assessment, Marhsall Assessment covers every stage of the apprenticeship journey. Our services and resources include detailed guides, checklists, case studies, and more in addition to End-Point Assessment to support you in delivering high-quality apprenticeship training.

Join the EPA Focus Community

Be part of our community dedicated to apprenticeship excellence. Subscribe* to Marshall Assessment today and ensure you never miss a resource drop. Together, we can elevate the quality of apprenticeships and foster the next generation of skilled professionals.

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