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Organisations Can Address Diversity Through Relationships

As the popularity of apprenticeships has risen, so have the opportunities for minorities to break into the industrial science marketplace. More options for apprentices are available in science than ever before for minorities who want a career in science.

Many organisations suffer from recruitment challenges that make it hard to entice minority applicants into their workforce. Now with restructured apprenticeship Standards, emphasis is on the development of skills, knowledge and behaviours, there have never been more high-quality apprenticeships to help people of all ages and backgrounds progress in work and life.

It's clear that diversity is crucial for recruitment, apprenticeships, industry and the economy. How can organisations increase engagement? Increasing the number of specific applicants for an apprenticeship is about presenting future possibilities to people who may otherwise not receive them. What should your workforce demographics look like five years from now? In ten years? In 15 years? Building relationships to build apprenticeship awareness early will create a productive future.

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