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Qualifications Needed for Science Apprenticeships

Science-based apprenticeships represent a fantastic opportunity for young people of all backgrounds to start a career in the scientific sector or for existing staff to retrain for career advancement. There is a great range of options and levels available to individuals looking to start their journey. With science apprenticeships at levels 2 (GCSE) through to 7 (Masters) there is a fit for all academic abilities.

Anyone wanting to get into an apprenticeship at level 3 (Advanced) typically require five GCSEs or the equivalent at grade 4 (C) or higher. You may need to include maths, science, and English to qualify but some employers are happy to consider applicants without English and Maths as these programmes will include Functional Skills qualifications in both subjects.

Depending upon the employer, candidates who have already achieved level 3 qualifications will also be eligible for Advanced apprenticeships and this may lead to a tailored programme that concentrates more on gaining competency in the workplace than academic learning.

Individual employers decide on the exact qualifications needed for their different available programmes. Equal positions at various organisations may have slightly altered requirements.

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