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Preparing for your EPA – a quick summary for apprentices

It is never too early to start the preparation for your end point assessment. If you have just started your apprenticeship journey or just weeks away from your EPA date, there are things you can do now to be prepared.

For those of you who have just started your apprenticeship, take the time now to understand the requirements of the standard. Make yourself aware of the competencies you will be assessed against and work with your training provider and employer to get early support. You may need to submit a portfolio prior to your EPA and it’s never too early to start gathering evidence for this. It’s also a great chance to make sure you are being exposed to the relevant knowledge, skills, and behaviours in your workplace. You can find the assessment plan associated with the relevant standard by going to

If you EPA is just days or weeks away, there is still time! Make sure you have accessed all mock assessment material that your training provider will have been given. Ensure you understand the policies and regulations that are not only relevant to your employer but to the wider scientific sector. Look through your portfolio and familiarize yourself with the contents and locations of documents in case you wish to refer to them during a discussion or interview. Having a thorough understanding of all the assessment methods for your EPA will also allow you plan for the day, however, talk to your Marshall assessor if you need clarification.

On the day, make sure you are punctual and organized. If the EPA is remote, allow yourself time to log into devices and familiarise yourself with online platforms that maybe used. During your assessments, take your time and don’t rush answers. Whether a verbal discussion, questioning or a written test make sure you fully understand what you are being asked before giving an answer. We ask you to be professional and take ownership of your work however our assessors are trained to put you at ease to ensure you can perform to your very best.

Here at Marshall, we want all apprentices to succeed. If you plan, prepare and engage early the chance of a successful outcome is increased. We have a host of webinars that you can attend if you wish to find out how to do this at whatever stage you are at. Look out for news and dates on our website.

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