Apprenticeships Are Perfect for Small Businesses

The apprentice route has started to gain traction with some large employers. It is becoming an essential part of some larger organisation’s talent pipeline. One of the misconceptions around apprenticeships is that only large companies provide this opportunity.

Small business owners often see the idea of someone being job-ready in a different light. Large organisations are thought to have resources that allow for specialisation in ways that may not be available to a start-up or even an established SME.

There are some excellent resources out there for small business that are considering apprenticeships, so much so, that from a HR perspective the process of recruiting and employing an apprentice is often referred to as a "cut and paste" exercise.

New Industry led, trailblazer apprenticeship standards are in almost constant development and all available apprenticeships can be found on the Institute for apprenticeships and technical education website ( This gives SME's a diverse selection of industry focused, work-based leaning options that they can use to build their own talent pipelines to future proof their business.

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