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How to Choose the Right End-Point Assessment Organisation

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Training organisations have a reasonable expectation that end point assessments are carried out in a way that puts them and their learners first. A lot of time and energy, not to mention investment, went into developing the learner to their Gateway. Having an end point assessment organisation that puts you first, communicates well and is there to support you is the least you can expect. If you need to find a reliable EPAO, these are the important questions that can help you to find what you need.

Is there relevant experience within the assessment team?

The best end-point assessors offer relevant industry experiences that address the unique challenges individual organisations face. Without that expertise, it is difficult for an assessor to make judgements that accurately reflect the apprentice’s ability to perform their role against the Standard.

Is the assessment team large enough to provide a service in good time?

Demand for end-point assessors is remarkably high during key points throughout the year. When you need a date for an assessment it is always best practice to engage early to avoid disappointment but sometimes this can be out of your hands.

Will the number of assessors be able to support you when you need it most for your learners?

A clear and supportive approach?

Getting a learner to Gateway comes with its very own complications and issues, just when you think you are ready there is another bump in the road.

You need to have confidence you can speak to the decision makers and experts for advice and support, have confidence when you reach out you will get a reply.

Terms that work for your organisation?

Do you really need to pay large sums of money to enrol a learner with an EPAO when you are not sure the learner will complete to Gateway?

Does the EPAO offer a supportive payment process that allows transferring funds from learners that fall off a programme to a new starter?

With completion payments to training providers coming after the EPA has been completed, do you need to pay in advance for a service you have not received?

Finally ask yourselves, “Does the EPAO add value to my organisation, my customers and most importantly my learners?"

The best end-point assessment organisation is going to tick off all the right boxes for your specific needs. It is up to each training provider to select an EPAO. Only if you ask the right questions can you make the right decisions.

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